• David,

    Thanks for the thorough follow up. Your quotes from the NetStumbler code writer are great details, and I do understand why all details cannot be included in any study guide, or it would be 1000 pages long! (I saw today that NetStumbler is planning a code update to support Windows 7)

    Agreed, that NetStumbler is not the best tool for WLAN hidden SSID discovery--it sets off our WIPS if used in our company.

    We do hide our SSIDs. But we use a laptop vendor proprietary client and also use IntelPrOSet client, both having configured profiles. So at login, selecting a profile is easy and SSID is the same at all our work sites. Also, we have no legacy equipment; everything is in year three of our life cycle.

    Thanks again for very good detailed info for clarification.

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