• There are several things here.

    First sometimes answers to questions are just plain wrong. Sometimes they are what the vendor thinks is correct. This is hugely significant in Cisco exams in that you can gaurantee that an answer will be Cisco blended rather than what you would do in the real world. The fact that its crap and you would always do "d" and NOT "c" is irrelevant.

    You need to understand the way questions are asked, I remember when I done some Micro$oft certs they started their questions like "Judith woke up late for work, her alarm clock had failed to go off, it was raing and in the rush she forgot her umberella. She arrived in work without her usual mocchachino etc etc" Yes hugely irrelevant, i dont know if they are still like that.

    Make sure you READ the question, yes sounds simple but statistically you only need to see 30% of a sentence to know what its saying, or do you? In an exam miss out a critical "DOES" or "DOES NOT" and you get it wrong. Yes I did say READ the question, the WHOLE question.

    OK so I guess CWNP is more like a family than some of the other Cert vendors.

    A freind of mine had his PC crash in an exam and it took weeks to resolve with the vendor, not Pearson but the vendor. Now this vendor does not appear to care as they have enough people taking exams that they are not that interested in one or two issues. Recent beta results were delayed for several weeks etc. Now as I think CWNP is more sincere they can look at feedback, however, if you feel you will be pushed for time in an exam leave the feedback till later. There is enough pressure in the exam without using YOUR exam time that YOU paid for.

    I have yet to take a CWNP exam and my biggest concern, besides failing obviously, is the interface. I have taken exams where the exam interface was not intuitive. I don't think I will have an issue with the interface but I don't know until the day.

    Finally, and amybe Kevin can answer this, I think alot of what is done in the exams is goverened by the exam taking technology. There will be a delay in undating questions that may be incorrect either as technology changes or as errors are discovered. I am not sure if CWNP, or vendors can plug directly into Pearson or whoever, or do they need to address issues via Pearson, ie email them with changes, Pearson then make changes etc. How much of the exam is controlled by Pearson and how much by the exam vendor?

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