• If I found a bad question (or I thought it was a bad question) on the real exam, I would comment on it as possible as I could - under the premise of completing the exam for sure.

    I always consider that study (including the exam) is a process. What you achieve during the process is equally important with the result, or even more important. You need to pass the exam to get the cert; but your value is not reflected in the cert - the cert is just a paper. Your value is reflected in the process you strive to obtain the cert.

    According to my experience, I could finish a cert exam 10 minutes ahead of time. So I know I have time to comment on a suspected bad question - in theory.

    It is said that for those whose mother tongue is not English, they have an extra 30 minutes to complete a cert exam. I'm not clear whether the CWNP has the same policy. If so, I know I have lots of time to comment on a suspected bad question. :-)

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