• I have cleared CWSP exam by 76 % & My Sincere thanks to David Coleman, David Westcott,Bryan Harkins & Shawn for SYBEX CWSP book.

  • By (Deleted User)

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very well done Prashant! Can you please share how else you prepared?

  • Thank you Kevin. I used following material for exam preparation

    1) SYBEX CWSP PW0-204 book & CD provided along with it.
    2) CWSP PW0-200 Book
    3) Wireless Tools (mentioned in book e.g Airmagnet & IDS/IPS) information from Internet
    4) CWNP Forums & white papers
    7) Finally my work experience of wireless domain.

  • hi Prashant congratulation on clearing the CWSP , just wanted to know if you work in Wireless domain in India or somewhere else ?

  • Hi, Thanks

    I am working in India & I have completed my wireless products training in Germany.

  • Good to know I am working in india aswell I did my wireless communications from England , can you add me on gtalk as anees.mohiuddin ,

  • Dear fellows.
    it really wonderful to be in the congregation of wireless professionals..i just wrote my CWNA and wish to proceed to the next level which is the there any one that can provide me with the latest exam video or CWNP Practice Test Set.


  • hey congratulations guys !! Even I am looking forward to give it a try @ CWSP.I wrote my CWNA almost a year ago and tempted to give my CWSP but I personally feel I need more time to work on my exam ! Am working on a start up proj which is eating all my time ! So prasanth and Anees where du guys work ?

    @Anees which univ did u go to in England ? Even I did my masters in wireless communications @ Leeds Univ.

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