• Hi All,

    I took the CWSP exam last Friday (25th March 2011) and I failed. I just want to share my experience while taking the exam.

    I am receiving error whenever the question has an exhibit. The error is like telling me that I haven't opened the exhibit but in fact I already did. It's like whenever I finished analysing the exhibit I will close it then choose my answer (same thing I did in my CWNA exam). The system will only allow me to proceed to the next question if the exhibit is open and then I can choose my answer then.

    Please don't get me wrong guys, I am not justifying that I failed because of system error because I am not even sure if what I claim is really a system error.

    My objective for this post is to ask if anbody experienced this same situtation. I have not experienced this when I took my CWNA last November.

    I rescheduled my CWSP for quite a few times because of workloads and preparation but I was really surprised when I saw this error.

    I just bought my exam voucher now and will retake the exam on Saturday.

  • I passed my CWSP on the 1st of March and did not experience the error you mention. I too like to close exhibits before answering, but had no problem doing so.

  • By (Deleted User)

    OK, here's the official word from Pearson VUE:

    [quote]The exhibit must be opened before proceeding to the next question. The exhibit does not actually need to be open when completing the question (i.e. the candidate may continue via opening and closing the exhibit).

    One of two things probably occurred for this candidate:

    [b]Scrolling[/b] (which you already mentioned) ? if the graphic does not fully display (i.e. scrolling is required) and the candidate does not scroll to display the entire exhibit, they cannot proceed.

    [b]Multiple exhibits[/b] ? in the exam reported (CWSP) two questions have multiple exhibits (2 exhibits per question). Both exhibits must be opened before the candidate can complete the question and proceed to the next. Again, the exhibits do not have to actually be open at the time of question completion ? they just need to have been opened at some point.[/quote]

    I hope this helps.


  • It might be interesting to know the OS running on the PC.

    ala IE related ?

  • Thanks Kevin for contacting Pearson VUE on this matter and also many thanks to those who view this and have given their thoughts.

    As far as I'm concerned, I always look at all the exhibits thoroughly. Yes, I can see exhibits with pictures bigger than the screens and needed to scroll down to have a full view of it. Yes, there were questions having 2 exhibits. I believe that all of the exam takers will look at all those exhibits the way I did and will not skip or won't be bothered to have a full view of all the exhibits because every point counts.

    I already purchased another exam voucher so and planning to take the exams next week. I hope it won't happen again.

    Hope there will be a second shot exam promotion again. Hehehe.

    Thanks CWNP.

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