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  • Mz,
    Here are answers of your questions

    1. Protocol that can be used to compare 2 values with MD5 ? Ans:_________________
    2. Is "Encapsulation" a characteristic of VPN? Ans: ________________
    3. Whats basic component can be requied to secure wireless 802.11 network? Ans : __________

    Answer 1: Your question is not too clear...if it is related to EAP-MD5 then answer can be EAP-LEAP...because both send username in clear text and support weak hashing. (Leap support MSCHAPv2).

    Answer 2: YES (Both PPTP and L2TP/IPSec support authentication.)

    Answer 3: Answer is on page no:12 on CWSP book.

    There are 5 major components:
    (1) data privacy
    (2) Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)
    (3) Segmentation
    (4) Monitoring
    (5) Policy

  • Today I passed CWSP with 85%. :-)

  • Nicely done.

  • By (Deleted User)

    nw80211 - Congratulations! 85% is a spectacular score on PW0-204, which is a very difficult exam.

    Can you share your prep? What's next?

  • Thanks Kevin, Marcus to clear all of my doubt regarding CWSP exam?.Thanks to Coleman, Westcott, Harkins, and Jackman for making a great CWSP study guide, and thanks to CWNP community for helping me out with questions with great discussions.
    There I want to share some points for CWSP exam preparation.
    (1) Get good understanding of all CWSP exam objectives.
    (2) Read CWSP guide slowly (at least 2-3 times)?. if you have any doubts ?clear it from CWSP Forum or Google. (?Read for knowledge?certification will come automatically.)
    (3) Read all of white papers which are given in the CD.
    (4) Take practice test from
    (5) Practice?.practice?and more practice?.get the idea about exam pattern?..don?t memorize the question & answer.

    Very Imp: Read exam questions very carefully and understand what they are asking then only select the answers.

    Next I am planning CWAP. :-)

  • Well done!! That is an excellent mark for such a tough exam

  • Thanks 802.11Chef :-)

  • Congrats to everyone passing the CWSP exam. I wrote the PW0-204 exam today and got the same mark as I did on the PW0-200 (90%); only this time I studied much differently and more efficiently. I've summarized my thoughts on it, compared to the original PW0-200 exam, [url=]here[/url].

    I won't go into study materials used and what not since everyone here has done a great job of summarizing. What I will say, now that I have a bit more WLAN experience than the last time I wrote it (almost 3 years ago), is that the CWSP certification is a really valuable cert. since I finally got to see just how much it relies on hands-on experience and knowledge. Study materials are great but, if you can, spending time in the lab with some WLAN gear will help you immensely on this exam. It's amazing, I'm more impressed with the certification now than when I first attained it via PW0-200. Thanks to the folks at CWNP for taking the time to create a meaningful certification!

    Next stop - CWAP!

  • Great scores guys!!! It's really a tough exam.

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