• According to page no: 348 WPA/WPA2-Preshared Keys is crackable means TKIP and CCMP passphrase can be compromised. If real exam ask the question related to this?..what should I select (different practice test have different answers)?.Kindly advice me.

  • Please advice me.

  • Someone swiped my CWSP book, so I can't read the original text you are referencing, but

    WPA when used with WMM is showing weaknesses, but is not yet broken.

    WPA2 with CCMP - not yet, nor probably for a long time to come.

    All IMHO.

  • But page no: 348 says same......WPA/WPA2-PSK is particularly susceptible to dictionary attacks against weak passphrases.

    There are some article on net regarding WPA2 cracking.

    Elcomsoft uses NVIDIA GPUs to crack WPA2

    Also found this, but is it an article or an advertisement?:

  • By (Deleted User)

    WPA/WPA2 passphrases are definitely crackable if they are not sufficiently long and complex. If you capture the 4-way handshake, you can run it against a dictionary file and recover the passphrase.

    What is sufficiently long and complex? Most researchers recommend 20+ mixed characters.

  • OOPS,

    Too tired last night. Forgot about capturing the WPA handshake. My bad.

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