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  • Hi gang,

    Dumb question: How often are the tests revised? Should I go with what is current today or what was current when the study guide was written as correct answer when answering test questions?

    I know this is trivial and is N/A for most things, but there are a few things that I know have changed and don't want to miss a question due to revision date of test...

    Any insight?

    Thank you,

  • I've never figured that out [u]exactly[/u]. Definitely go with the latest book and its official errata.

  • By (Deleted User)

    The exam number and the number for the exam covered by the study guide need to match, or you're studying old, outdated info.

    For example, the Sybex CWNA Study Guide says in [b]bold red[/b] letters on the top right of the front cover "PW0-104", which is the exam number of the current CWNA exam.

    All other Sybex CWNP Study Guides are the same. To see what exams are currently current, go here:

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Kevin,

    That doesn't really answer my question, although good feedback. I am using the current study guide and it matches my exam.

    What I was asking about was how do you answer a test question if the information in the current study guide has already been outdated when you sit for your exam? (I.e., a new standard ratified, an encryption method recently broken, a new security hole, a new solution does something it didn't do before.) Do you answer it iaw the book or with the current industry thing that may have happened since the book was published?

    It comes back to how often are the tests updated. My question is, if a conflict between what is in the study guide and what is more current, which answer should one select on an exam?

    Again, probably not many instances of this, but if it occurs. It is moot for me now since I just passed (yippppeeeeee!) but may still be relevant for others.

    Many thanks,

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