• Hello everyone,

    I wanted to get some feedback on what others are using in their enviroments for enterprise wireless suplicants.
    I am a longtime user of the Intel supplicant using the admin utility to lock down the profile and deploying with a custom msi. I am wondering if there is a better solution with central mgmt and configuration. Something with multi os support would be great.



  • Odyssey Access Client all the way. This is what is used for the Army and Air Force. It supports 802.1x and many other features. It is available for Windows 2000, XP, CE, Linux, and OSX.

  • Odyssey is a great supplicant. Cisco recently released the Anyconnect 4.x which includes their new supplicant. Its free as well ...

  • Hard to beat free. Do you know if it has multi OS capabilities?

  • Could you please specify web-site where Odyssey supplicant is available to download for free?
    I tried to find it on but no success yet...

  • I believe George meant that the Anyconnect 4.x was free ?as well as? includes their new supplicant. I do not believe he meant that Odyssey was free.

  • Some Buffalo devices used to come with a free, slightly disabled, version of Odyssey. It wasn't the FIPS 140 version, but hey what do you want for free.

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