• The cwsp practice tests need to be updated. There are complete sections on the exam which are not covered at all and large sections in the practice tests which are not asked once on the exam.


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    Hey John. We agree. We have a lot of update work done already, and are still working on adding more quality practice content. Thanks for the feedback. We don't have a specific ETA yet, but updates are forthcoming in the near future.

  • It is good they are being updated but no help to me. I was doing a recert and had emailed customer support in advance and asked if the practice tests were updated with the new content. I was told yes they were. I got nailed with a number of things not once covered in the practice tests and failed.


  • John,

    Sorry that happened, but the exam is tailored to the [u]Official Exam Objectives[/u], not anyone's (including CWNP's) practice test or book.

    ALWAYS go by the Official Objectives.

  • Isn't the CWSP exam changing soon? If so then when?

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    Not anytime soon, no. PW0-204 is just over a year old.

  • How accurate is the official pw0-204 study guide on exam essentials? Is a lot of the book off the exam?


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    [quote]How accurate is the official pw0-204 study guide on exam essentials? Is a lot of the book off the exam?

    The book does not come from the exam.

    The exam does not come from the book.

    The exam and the book both come from the [b][url=]exam objectives[/url][/b]. Start there.

  • I have access to the PWO-204 study guide through the Army's Skillsoft website and I also have an older PWO-200 study guide from Planet3 Wireless along with some PWO-200 CBT Nuggets. I used the newer study guide for the PWO-204 and the Practice tests I purchased from the CWNP website to sharpen up my skills before I took the test. I felt like the study guide was limited and the practice tests did not prepare me at all for the questions that were on the exam. I scored a 68% after 3 solid weeks of studying and outlining each objective. I had been scoring over 85% on each of the practice tests and felt prepared to take the exam. When I went back and looked at the material on the PWO-200 study guide which was published in 2003 I recognized more material from the actual exam I took than from the PWO-204 study guides I used. In my opinion the new exam is a rehash from the PWO-200 and does not reflect the objectives stated in the newer study guide. For my retake I will be studying the PWO-200 material.

  • Whew, I finally passed the CWSP. Definitely study the book according to the exam objectives and not what's on the practice tests. Also, the Exam objectives states what chapters the material is located in, but a lot of it is wrong and the information is actually located in other chapters. I think when the study guide was rewritten the material was moved around and not updated accurately.

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