• Simulate 500 APs and their traffic? Not going to happen. You could do testing in NYC. LOL

  • Talk to the manufacturer - most likely you are running into a table size limitation.

  • Greetings,

    Michael Berg from TamoSoft here (we make CommView for WiFi). Marcus Burton told me about this thread. It's an interesting topic, and yes, you can simulate pretty much anything with the packet generator, which is part of CommView for WiFi, because one can send arbitrary packets. After reading this thread, I wrote a brief "how-to" guide, so here it is:


    Ravi, I hope that it helps.

  • There is also [url=]mdk3[/url]
    This can be found also on the latest Backtrack release.

    Using the beacon flood mode, you can pretty much do whatever you want; hop channels, randomize the ssid, etc.

  • Here is what I did this weekend,

    Borrowed a Dlink DWL-650 - 11b - prism card, luckily I asked my colleague who is having it.

    Loaded debian on the laptop - latest stable build - but the hostap_cs driver did not compile - throws error says "2.6 cannot be complied or something like that"

    So searched on google for archives of Debian and found 4.0 build

    Here is the link

    Burned the DVD and installed in my IBM T60 which support both Cardbus and PCI-E interface.

    One good thing about this version of debian is it comes with hostap_cs driver, just plug in the prism card, it loads the driver automatically and tells "hostap_cs was written by Jouni Malinen <>"
    Many of you might know him. He is the author of great 'hostapd'

    Run the fakeap tool

    perl fakeap --interface eth1

    Zooommmm - now me and my neigbour in my appartment are now flooded with fakeap beacons on 2.4 Ghz, someone call 911!!!!!! - just kidding....

    Thanks guys for your comments and help.

    I guess for 5Ghz I need to try Mr.Berg's CommView

  • Try MDK3 in Linux.   Generates real Beacons.   Needs an adapter that can perform Packet Injection.

  • Can happen.

    Used in DoD/Intel community; I have utilized this.

    Warning!  Not inexpensive.

  • I talked to them several years ago, but in the end they didn't do what we wanted.    Don't remember the problem now.

    If you talk to them, be sure to explain your requirements exactly.   Many companies are glad to sell you many more times the features than those you'll really need. 

    The old VeriWave gear comes to mind .   Great system if you were testing AP's, but it left a lot to be desired for testing Clients.

  • Several years ago they couldn't do this.

    Recently used this for new USSTRATCOMM command center.

  • Good to know.

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