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    I have a query on one of the review questions of SOHO 802.11 Security chapter of Sybex study guide.

    When configuring an 802.11 client station for WPA2-Personal, what security credentials can be used? (Choose all that apply)
    A. Server-sidew certificate
    B. 64-bit PSK
    C. 8-63 Character PSK
    D. Token card
    E. Client-side certificate
    F. 64-character passphrase
    G. 8-to-63 character passphrase.

    They had mentioned that B and G are the correct answers.

    WPA2-Personal uses 256-bit PSK. Hence I beleive 64-bit PSK is the wrong answer. If it were 64 hex character then it would have been fine. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You are correct.
    The PSK is 256 bit, and a 64 hex character key is 256 bits.

    If a passphrase is used, it goes through the PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1 algorithm to also become a 256 bit key for use.

  • Yea, I have this as an error in my notes. Great attention to detail! Your level of detail is what is needed to pass the CWNP exams. Keep it up!

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