• I am looking at a product description that states it only works with FreeRADIUS.

    Is there something about FreeRADIUS that makes it incompatible with other versions?

  • I am not aware of proprietary features in FreeRADIUS that would make it somehow unique in that way (though it is certainly possible that it supports some attributes not supported by others). It may simply be that the vendor only "supports" FreeRADIUS though other RADIUS servers may work.


    Frames Are Food,

  • That's what I am hoping.

  • Windows 2003 server or Win 2008 Server doesnt support EAP-TTLS but FreeRadius supports. May be thats the reason they are mentioning it works on FreeRadius. I am just guessing.

  • This is a definite possibility, though the vendor should say that it required a RADIUS server supporting EAP-TTLS if that's the case. Unless, of course, they're supporting an entire package configuration and do not support other RADIUS servers just to reduce support costs. Does happen :-(

  • Sathwik and Tom,

    Thanks. I think you're both right.

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