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    I've recently failed the CWSP - PWO-204 exam for the "second time", as I"m a little frustrated. I've used the CWSP Study guide in addition to purchasing the CWSP online test questions, of which Ive averaged a score between 87%- 93% from test pools A,B,C and D.

    I have other industry certifications and 15 years of IT experience (Cisco, Meraki, ISC2, Juniper , Microsoft, Novell and etc) and implementation of Security and Wireless technologies. Am I missing something ? If so, please make me aware of additional study material that some one whom passed the PW0-204 recently used to conquer this beast !


  • As they say, study to the official test objectives - not just what is in the book. You need to read all the references you can, and configure as many different devices as possible before you take it again.  That means client devices as well as AP's and/or servers.

    I had had several years experience in security (w/ a CISSP) and I failed it the first time too - so I know your frustration.

    The book that helped me the most was by Jim Geier called "Implementing 802.1X Security Solutions for Wired and Wireless Networks". It made a huge difference.


  • Joe,

    The CWSP is a great exam. I passed it last year with a 93% and I studied for 12 months the CWSP and the Cisco Wireless LAN Security books. I also have 10+ years doing wifi and security and that helped. 
    What helped me was understanding the concepts and overall workings of security. I also used flash card apps to help with keeping the material in the ol brain.  I also wrote on a few of teh topics which helped. You can find some of my ramblings on 
    If you have any specific topics please ask away. We are all here to help ..

  • Joe,

    Allow me to encourage you to "keep on keeping on!".  CWNP exams are tough; maybe the toughest exams in the IT industry.  Passing them means you know the material inside and out.  I have failed two CWNP exams, but allowed these "detours" to become an opportunity to look at the subject areas where I did not fare well (on the exam) and review and re-review these areas until I knew them without a doubt.   Ditto to all comments above and to reemphasize Howard's comment:  study to the official test objectives.  Be sure you can explain each objective topic without notes (to yourself, or maybe someone listening) to the degree that you are confident that you have fully and completely explained the topic.

    We all have our own study habits, but I will share mine with you (which may or may not help).  I take the pdf of the official test objectives, copy it into a Word document, and then add my own notes, graphics, explanations, etc to explain each objective (info from the study guide text, and other texts, internet sources, vendor sites, etc).  In this fashion, I am studying the test objectives with my  notes of clarification. This becomes my personal prime study tool as I prepare for the exam.

    Lastly, be sure to tell us when you do PASS the exam, so we can congratulate you as well!

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    I really like gcate's study tool idea.  I'm going to give it a try on the CWDP.

    The site is really great.

  • Howard, thanks for the kind comment about .. 

  • Howard,

    Thanks--and CWDP is my next exam goal also.  Please post any questions or comments you have under the CWDP/CWAP section.  I would like to see what questions others are running into as they actually are preparing for the exam.

  • Gents:

    Thanks for the awesome words of encouragement and additional resources to help me  pass the CWSP exam PW0-204 exam. I've just ordered “Implementing 802.1X Security Solutions for Wired and Wireless Networks”  by Jim Geier, in addition to reviewing Wirelesss Guru's blog.

    I'll keep the group posted on my progress...

    Best regards,

  • Yes, years ago, before I came to CWNP when I took CWSP for the first time, I remember it being the toughest (of course that was before CWAP came along [smile]). Hang in there Joe, I'm confident you'll get there.

    Frames Are Food,

  • Thanks for the warnings and advice. I did an additional (third) reading of the study guide and read the advised white papers. Studied the flash cards and made sure I knew the online test questions. Passed the exam today in my first attempt with a 85% score!

    Come on Joe you can do it also!


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