• CWSP or CWAP next step? I'm torn, what do you think?

  • They both have their place, what direction is your job heading in ?

    Both of them are tough.

    IMO unless you have access to the tools and some of the equipment for actually configuring and provisioning different securities, you'll probably find the CWAP easier to study on your own.

    Make sure you have access to a spectrum anayzer if you go for the CWAP.  I recommend WiSpy at the least, and study every analyser screen shot you can get your hands on, whether you made it or you find it on the web.    The screen shots in the CWAP are in Black and white, so be sure you download them in color from this site.

    For a sniffer, I like OmniPeek pro, but its' pricey unless your employer is paying for it.   Wireshark with the Pcap analyser works OK, but it is not that sensitive - with other radios Wireshark can only see what your PC is attached to. 

    I always stress "Study to the Official Test Objectives", and you really have to be very liberal keeping to that on these two exams.

    Best of luck.

  • Howard,Thank very much for the information.Rgs,

  • Here's my take after getting frustrated with CWAP studies.

    I just passed my CWNA a few months ago and decided to swap to the CWSP as the content was a little bit more relevant for a couple initiatives and projects i"m working on currently.

    I studied for the CWSP with the e learning and practice tests only, for about a month on and off and then the last 3 weeks consistently.  These were my only materials.  I just passed it.

    I found the CWSP much easier to go through than the CWAP.  I also know that CWAP and CWDP were just recently updated so you may want to wait for those to bake a bit before you go after them.

    If I continue down the path of CWNP certifications, my order will be CWDP and then saving CWAP for last, on the way to CWNE if I decide to go that far.  Lately I've been thinking I may want to expand my skill set to some other things but haven't really decided yet.

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