• I have seen several references to DSSS-OFDM in relation to some 802.11n radios.
    Has this optional frame format been added to 802.11n, or is this an error.

  • By Tom Carpenter - edited: February 15, 2013

    DSSS-OFDM is a modulation option. It is indeed littered throughout the 802.11 standard. But it is an optional implementation (Table 9.4 calls it 'deprecated') and is defined as:


    "This is a hybrid modulation combining a DSSS preamble and header with an OFDM payload
    -802.11-2012, Clause 19.1.3


    Frames Are Food,

  • The documents in question, it turns out, were using the heading DSSS-OFDM when they should have used HT.

    I was concerned as I don't want our customers to be mislead.

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