• One of my Customers would like to change existing procedures for wireless guests users. Currently they have Cisco infrastructure in place, controllers plus APs plus NMS (WCS). Currently guest accounts are created by network administrators via NMS. They would like to provide their guest with capability of self-registration. Self-registration portal should provide feature of email announcement for new registration, both for network administrator and guest user. One of the ways is Cisco ISE implementation, it has such features, but possibly it is overkill to install it only for guest network features, not for BYOD policies.
    Could you advice any other solution to this guest networking with self-registration?

  • I believe you can use Aruba Networks clearpass guest. I know it has guest self registration but I have not used it with Cisco APs.

  • I've had success deploying Meru's Identity Manager solution, and it can even be deployed in a non Meru WLAN solutions.

  • Yes Aruba's ClearPass can be used with Cisco gear the fact you can give the end user the ability to self register and automate the credentials via sms and you can control single use

  • The big wireless vendors usually have a captive web portal offering built into the AP/controller or as an add-on service. Bluesocket and Nomadix focus mostly on captive web portal, and I'm pretty sure both offer self-registration. Some solutions I've worked with have a guest account management interface separate from the system administration, which allows non-IT folks to provision expiring guest accounts.

  • Thank you for suggestions! I am already testing pair "Cisco WLAN" plus "Amigopod guest manager".

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