• Hi,

    I am interested in buying a new laptop for doing Site surveys, Packet Captures and Spectrum analysis.

    Do you think that a Mac laptop would be ok for that?
    I know that a lot of WiFi applications are not supported by OS X.
    On the other hand, i think i can  use VM or Parallel Windows to run other OSs (Windows, Linux) to support the Applications (Wireshark, Ekahau SS, Air Magnet).

    Is anybody using Mac for his day to day wireless projects?


  • I've found the Mac notebook (specifically the Macbook Pro 15") to be a little heavy for surveys, thought the smaller one might be light enough.  I've had less severe "survey elbow" with a small HP laptop.

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    You should consider a Tablet PC rather than a Laptop as they are much more flexible and less cumbersome to work with when carrying them all day.

    While everything is USB these days, Tablets do give you some PCI options should you want to use other types of NICs available on the market.


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