• Hi experts, I’m implementing a WLAN in a manufactory where some non-WiFi interference often appear. It seems the interference source is a little bit far from AP’s position. That AP has spectrum analysis function. From AP’s perspective, the RSSI of this interference is not so high. I found when interference comes, the re-transmission rate raises. I doubt the reason is that AP can’t decode the ACK frame from the noise. Because decreasing AP’s tx-power is able to reduce AP’s coverage scope. I want to know: can decreasing AP’s TX-power mitigate the impact caused by interference? Thanks

  • Hi, I am not the expert you are hoping for, but I can try to assist you :) Your description of the high re-transmission is an excellent example of interference in a WLAN. Maybe the problem you are experiencing with re-transmissions is from the wireless client point of view? You say the source of interference is far from the AP, but is it far from the mobile user?

  • Mostl likely, no. Unless the transmissions from this AP are causing another/other device(s) to retry more too - which is unlikely if you have a decent channel reuse plan. What's most important is the AP's receive sensitivity, and that is not affected by turning down it's output power. If your client device and the noise source are in different directions, a semi directional antenna pointed toward the client may help.

  • Thanks both.

    To McNulty, yes, the interference source is also far from the clients.

    To Wlanman, your information is very help to me.

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