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    We have a Compaq Presario 6330us. It is a P4 and is running windows XP home. We have tried 3 different Linksys WMP11 PCI cards and 3 different Linksys WMP54GS PCI cards and they all get a very low signal with the signal dropping several times a day. We have tested all 6 cards in 2 other computers and we get an excellent signal on every card. The 2 other computers are custom built (not a brand name) and are running windows 98. We moved the Compaq to the spot were one of the other computers is getting an excellent signal. And it is still getting a very low signal and dropping the connection several times a day. I disabled the IEEE 802.1x Authentication. I setup static IP addressing. I setup WEP 64bit. (Does the WEP phrase have to be 10 characters)? I tried channel 1 and 11. but the other computers are fine so this should not matter. I updated the bios, and the drivers are the latest for the WMP54GS. The WMP54GS appears to be installed correctly in the device manager. Do you have any ideas why this one computer is getting a very low signal and signal drop when the others computers are working great? We are using the Linksys WAP54G access point with the WRT54GS router. The WAP54G access point is the connection for the 3 computers. Thanks Kelly

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    It is possible that the compaq is generating wide band noise, perhaps from its power supply or some similar component. I would purchase a omidirectional antenna from ebay and locate it away from the case, they only cost $10 or so.
    regards Andy

  • Have you tried a USB card?

    The USB cards can be positioned farther away from the machine, maybe eliminating the interferance :)

    Things like portable phones, blue tooth devices and microwaves can also cause problems like this. The Compaq doesn't have any of this stuff in it, does it?

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