• my ap dlink900ap+ operates at ch:9 and one of my usr5450 ap client is set to ch:8 and its operating better than it was in ch:9 both in throughput and per issues? I never seen close different channels can establish connection like this?

  • Hi Made:

    Is this still an issue?

    Thanks. /criss

  • and also this of an usr5450 access point is communicating with d-link dwl-900ap+. usr5450s channel is set to 9 let's say, and if i set connection parameters like ssid and speed settings on the client (dwl-900ap+) side and set the channel different than 9 it still connects and communicate with the usr5450... i don't go indeep to this problem cause the devices are old...and still working for more than 3 year on outdoor installations...

  • Hi Mademirci:

    I do not have experience with these model devices, but if I understand correctly you are configuring two bridge capable access points (AP) in an outdoor environment using the 2.4 GHz band. This includes setting the IEEE 802.11 channel frequency on both APs.

    How can the two APs communicate if the channel settings are different? Each 802.11 channel in the 2.4 GHz band overlaps the four channels on its either side. In the absence of interference communication will be best if both APs are tuned to the same frequency and get steadily worse as the channel separation increases.

    This can be seen on a protocol analyzer tuned to one channel and receiving a series of probe request frames from a station scanning all channels 1 through 11. The analyzer tuned to channel 6 may receive a frame with weak signal on channel 4, then stronger on channel 5, strongest on channel 6, weaker on channel 7, and still weaker on channel 8.

    Why would the two APs communicate better with one channel of separation? If I observed this myself, I would blame interference. Let's say AP1 is transmitting on channel 6 in the presence of strong channel 6 interference while AP2 is transmitting on channel 7 in the presence of strong channel 7 interference. AP1 hears AP2 better than if AP2 were instead transmitting on channel 6. This is all in my head but it would make a great lab experiment.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

  • as i said i don't have time to examin e any of these devices, but i think d-link dwl900ap+ sets it radio (which is on ap-client mode to usr 5450 ap) for the ssid written, it does not look at the channel that we wrote on the web configuration, it scans all the channels for the corresponding ssid and if it gots the ssid id set its channel automaticly...

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