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    We have installed our system in 1999 with the 802.11 Proxim AP & EP with Hyperlink Antennas.
    Our Bus Depot have good coverage during day time. It has lots of trees and also around 500+ buses parked during night time. Our main concern is the buses should able to transfer the data to the main server during night time. But during night time since all the buses are parked we are facing lots of multi path and blind spot as well.
    Since the previous person didn't do the proper survey I feel we are having this problem and I tried to rectify it. But still I feel there are few blind spot only.
    Please help me how can I improve the coverage through out the area. The area is almost 1-2 sqare km.

  • I think most people didn't understand my query.

    Anyway if that's the case, I'll try to explain clearly later next week.

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    To reduce RF "blind spots", you'd need to increase the number of APs, increase the antenna gain, decrease the interference or do a little bit of all of these, as the budget allows.

    Regarding your prior question, it's possible to associate and pass data when the client's radio shows very low connectivity -- this is one of the cool things about 802.11b/g/a environments. You can be at the very edge of RF connectivity and still be able to send and receive data. The problems this might cause though are low throughput rates and spotty coverage which will cause end user dissatisfaction. It's best to keep them connected at the highest rate possible and compensate with about 15% overlap in cell coverage from neighboring APs.

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