• Just on my first read through CWAP Guide.

    P43, last paragraph, first sentence.

    'The DCF carries out a virtual carrier sense protocol based on reservation information....'

    should this read

    'The DCF carries out a virtual carrier sense based on reservation information....' (i.e without the word protocol)

    Thanks in advance

  • anyone?

  • middle paragraph:

    should read "the access point removes the stations AID...."

  • paragraph under figure 4.11

    should read "overall number of data bits being transmitted is greater due to"

  • Hi Hollistera:

    page 43: Although your point is well taken I think the word "protocol" may stay.

    page 91: Agree

    page 99: Agree

    Please keep your comments coming.

    Thanks. /criss
    cwap study guide tech editor

  • that is a book from sybex

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