• Reading the CWAP Study Guide P104:
    "Using the RTS/CTS protocol to alleviate collisions in this kind of scenario is a "protection mechanism" as described earlier. The main difference between use of the RTS/CTS protocol as a manually configured medium reservation tool and use of the RTS/CTS protocol as a protection mechanism is that when RTS/CTS is used as a protection mechanism, it is automatically enabled by the access points beacons."

    I dont really understand what this is trying to say. Surely whenever the RTS/CTS protocol is being used it is automatically enabled by the access points beacons - for the stations that are receiving those beacons? As far as I understand it an AP cannot detect hidden node and automatically start using RTS/CTS, I thought it had to be manually enabled.

    Am I missing the point somewhere ;-)



  • Hi Andrew:

    CWAP study guide page 104 paragraph 2 last sentence ==> Replace with:

    RTS/CTS as originally designed is only used by a station when it is configured to do so. 802.11g client stations may begin using RTS/CTS automatically when the "Use_Protection" bit in the ERP information element in received beacons changes from zero to one in response to changes in the RF environment detected by the access point.

    Does this help?

    Thanks. /criss

  • Hi Criss

    great! thanks for the clarification.



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