• Well I did it. I passed the CWAP exam today. Thanks to all that helped me out especially jsicuran, kevinator, devinator and Criss Hyde.

    This test is very difficult indeed. The best advice I can give in preparation for the exam is to read the CWAP study guide over and over and get experience in the real world with a protocol analyzer.

    Thanks Planet3 Wireless for creating usefull learning tools.

  • Way to go badger11 !!!!!

    Thanks for giving the news!! As I am reading the cwap book now, I can get into some dought.

    Thanks again,


  • Congratulations!

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    Outstanding job badger11!

  • congrats badger11, great job.. Knew you could do it.
    See you in the traces:)

  • Great news!

    I'm sure you worked very hard to pass this one!
    I'm working on my CWNA now, but I think I may go with CWAP next.

    Are their any free software programs out here that I can used to get some hands on?

    Welcome to the NEW "Wireless Age"


  • Thanks everyone.

    compughter, your next.

    scottwifi, I would do the CWAP after the CWNA. I would do the CWSP last. The CWNA and the CWAP have a better flow in my opinion as far as learning goes. There is a url for access to various protocol analyzers that you can use in the CWAP book.


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    Thanks for the vote (ACK) of confidence (autenticating/associating) (CTS), badger11 (SSID), and ..also the rest of the bits and bytes (MAC) of wireless guests(PHY) hosts (WDS) and possible subnets (WEP,TKIP,CCMP) of this outstanding, ERP-OFDM forum. I am learning (PCF) and loving (DCF) every kiloseconds (DTIM, ATIM) of it!

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    Need a slight correction in your statement: "I am learning (PCF) and loving (DCF) every kiloseconds (DTIM, ATIM) of it!"

    The DTIM period is measured by the number of beacon frames between multicast frame deliveries. The ATIM window length is measured in TU (time units). Beacon intervals are also measured in TUs which are 1024 microseconds, so it would be more accurate to use "kilomicroseconds" instead of "kiloseconds".


    Ok, ok, I know that's being picky... but hey, he started it!


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    I knew some one would catch that, as you did. I didn't change it , I was actually waiting on the correction. Thanks for the look!

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