• Congratulations badger11! nice job!


  • Congrats to all who have passed. Is there a general order that the test should be tackled? CWNA, CWSP,CWAP?? I am ready to move foward, but am well aware that the CWAP is a "beast". Please enlighten.

  • I recommend the CWNA first, then the CWAP. A lot of people take the CWSP after CWNA, but I think that is because security sounds better. :) I took the CWAP after CWNA, and then the CWSP. That worked fine for me.

    P.S. You may want to start a new thread on this topic to get some more responses.

  • Hey man.....been following you for a your dedication. Hopefully I'll be facing this monster at the end of November. I've already read the CWAP text five times, each time I find something new. What white papers do you recommend and which analyzers did you find most helpful.

  • Matthew Gast's 2nd edition and the 2nd edition of the 802.11 Handbook are both really good as well.


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