• I was testing a handheld Sony PDA, when I saw 6 Probe Responce from my Cisco-Link to a Proxim. I don't have a proxim. But I would have thought I'd see the Probe Request!!! That's what makes me feel someone is tring something. It wouldn't be the first time. But now CWAP is helping me see it!!

    Thanks guys,


  • Would this be a sympton of "hidden node"??!! I think this is it. I'm embarrased, I passes the CWNA and forgot about the fact that the AP hears all but the nodes done. Thanks!! THe time I needed to get it my self!


  • Hi PhilM:

    Yes, the station transmitting the probe requests was apparently in range of your access point (AP) but out of range of your analyzer.

    Another thing to ponder is that your AP and analyzer might both have been set for one and the same channel while the station doing the probing was probably scanning all eleven channels. Your AP would only hear and respond to the probe requests that sufficiently overlapped (with frequency and signal strength) its one channel.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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