• I have an issue with my WLAN, and I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

    My WLAN is in several rooms within a hospital environment. It seems to be configured properly, but every once in a while, I lose connectivity. It happens intermittently, and without any warning.

    I can either wait a while for it to come back up, or if I power-reset the AP it comes back up.

    Does anyone
    a) have any idea where I should begin my search for the problem, and
    b) know how much I should expect to pay if I bring in a 3rd party to solve this for me?


  • -Any known interferance in the area?
    -What's the signal level and quality?
    -Did you checked, it happens randomly? or in specific (work) hours?
    -Checked APs latest firmware's?
    -Tried the connectivity with other wireless client (pcmciausbpci whatever) brands?
    -Tried different channel? (or channels if more than 1 Access Points used)
    -If you use Windows operating systems, check all the latest windows updates done!

  • So you think it might be an issue with interference? I'll look into the other suggestions you made, but I have a feeling that firmware, OS patches, etc are all up to date.

    Thanks again!

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