• A few people have heard about a study sheet I put together, well here it is. It is confined to one page, so it isn't a learn from scratch tool, but when it comes to preparing for the test it is very helpful.

    I put this guide together while preparing for my CWAP, and I was fortunate enough to pass it the first time.

    I am always open to comments and suggestions. I am by no means a document creation expert so it may look a bit funny. I am very interested in knowing what you think. Thanks!

    If you want to print it, you will need a high resolution color printer for it to look good.

    P.S. There is one on the way for Control and Data frames if anyone is interested.

  • Thank you. This looks very helpful. I'm looking forward to your other study sheets.



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    Thanks GTHill, anything you can post or suggest that aids us is MUCH appreciated. I personally am struggling with CWAP and am learning from all relevant sources. I have read in and out of my war torn CWAP book, Matthew Gast's 2nd Ed, the IEEE 802.11 2nd Ed. , numerous white papers from numerous sources and experts . If you saw them (books), you'd say" Who let the dawgs out, Though I haven't master it,I am determined!

    Again thank you for your study tips, echoing, moe looking forward to your other study sheets.

    If first you don't succeed, defer, retry... your backoff algorithm/ contention window has plenty of time left.

  • GTHILL those are awesome, I was considering doing something like that but you beat me to it. Great job. I did post somehting like what you have to help me pass the CWAP last January, but for the PHY. To reciprocate here are the links:

    Can you post all of your sheets?


  • Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. I still have some work to do on the other sheets, so I won't be posting them for a bit. Nice work on the other sheets jsicuran. My eventual plan is to create an entire 802.11 poster, but that is still a ways off. Anyway.. thanks again!

  • No probs GTHill, actually fluk networks has a poster and after going through the CWAP you now have the knowledge to see that there are a couple of errors on their poster.

    you can get the poster at


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