• I was wondering if anyone could jot down a few words describing the difficulty of the CWAP exam? and how may people have obtained it? Also is the CWAP exam more difficult that CWSP?

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    When the CWAP first came out, I did a Daily Diary of the class and then the exam. That thread is located here:

    That should give you an idea of what to expect from the class and then the test. I don't think it's changed too much from when it was first released.


  • I found that if you have a fairly decent understanding of the intrinsic nature of Wi-Fi networks, then CWAP is very attainable. If you go through trying to simple memorize facts, it may be pretty tough.

    I should mention that I took CWAP way back when there were errors on the test, so I am assuming those errors have been corrected as I write this.

    In comparing CWAP to CWSP, they seem to vary in difficulty depending on your background. If you know IT security very well, you will probably have an easier time with CWSP. If you know networking protocols very well, you will probably have an easier time with CWAP.

  • Thanks for the input guys, Do either one of you know how many CWAP's are out there currently?

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