• I've scheduled the CWAP test towards the latter part of April. Although my self study has been based on the CWAP Offical Study Guide and Ethereal. I have no other real world experience with WiFi Anaylisis. Do you feel that one can pass this test with just the two tools I've referenced here?

  • Hi Steel,

    Ethereal alone is not enough.
    I would suggest you to download Tamosoft Commview's trial version and view the post with subject ethereal on the same CWAP forum and how to
    download it.

    I understand that you dont have real world Experience.
    I wont say that you cant clear it without real world experience.

    But it is goin to be very very tough without real world experience.
    Do you have a CWNA by now...

    If you are trying to do CWAP first without real world experience and without clearing CWNA.

    God it is going to tough for you .

    Best Regards,
    S.Senthilraj CWNA,CWAP,CWSP

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, I made CWNA back in mid 2004. I have worked in wireless quite a bit since then mostly Cisco 1200 series equipment and Cisco WLSE as well.

    The problem is our company just will not spring for the $$$ on any diagnostic equipment.

    I will download the trial software you have recommended and begin working with that at EOD today.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi ,

    Good to know that u did ur CWNA in 2004.
    Companaies will not spend more on Diagnostic tools.
    Let them spend on us.[We CWNP proffessionals should troubleshoot and do our best with what we have].If things are essential lets bet on open source .

    I think u can clear CWAP if you really read the Book well.
    Bounce back for further help.

    I wish all the success for your CWAP Exam. .

    All you need to know is about Protocol Analysis,PHY layer ,MAC [Management ,Control and Data frames],also read the PCF well.

    Best Regards,

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