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    Thought the forum would like this post by Ben Miller on the Global Knowledge Webpage. I found it quite infromative. Thanks much Ben.

    URL to Article By BEN on Wireless Analyzers .....

  • Hi Comphugter,

    Its a good Little article from Ben.
    I think Ben forgot to Mention abt Tamosoft commview.
    What do you think.

    Best Regards,
    S.Senthilraj CWNA,CWAP,CWSP

  • I appreciate you referencing the article (though my editor apparently missed a couple of typos). I'd imagine the folks at Global Knowledge would rather have you post a link to it, but I doubt they'd mind since the article mentions the wireless class.

    I don't mention CommView for Wi-Fi because I wouldn't recommend it. I'd recommend Airopeek SE ($900) if you are looking for something less expensive.

  • Hi Ben,

    Why would you refer Airmagnet that is 3500$.(Just Kidding)
    Dont get on to me.

    Tamo soft is just 500$.(Correct me if iam wrong)

    Let wait Big Brother AirDefense will come with one .

    Best Regards,
    S.Senthilraj CWNA,CWAP,CWSP

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    URL to Article By Ben Miller on Wireless Analyzers ....

  • S,

    AirDefense already has AirDefense mobile for about $900. It is more suited for IDS but you can do a pcap dump as well and open it in Ethereal or Packetyzer. The AirDefense mobile product is another one that I would not recommend.

    I know there are a good amount of people who get CommView for Wi-Fi just because it is cheap. I am just telling you that it is an inferior product to Airopeek NX and even Airopeek SE.

    For folks who are just trying to study CWAP, I'd do it for free with Airodump and Ethereal. As Devin correctly mentioned Ethereal is more suited for wired analysis, but you can at least look at traces and decodes. That is really the important part of studying for CWAP.

    For real world use, it is worth it to spend more money to get Airopeek (or even AirMagnet).

  • Ben.

    Can you tell us more about Airodump? I'm familiar with Ethereal, but never heard about Airodump before. Currently, I'm using a trial version of CommView for WIFI while studying for my last CWNP test.


  • Airodump is packaged with Aircrack, which is a WEP cracking utility. Both are free software.

    Airodump just captures packets in libpcap format. These packets can then be viewed in CommView for Wi-Fi, Airopeek, Ethereal and many other Wi-Fi analyzers.

    Airodump only supports a handful of wireless adapters. I use a Netgear WAG511 a/b/g PC card. Proxim's Orinoco 8480 a/b/g card and Cisco's a/b/g card works as well.

    Again, you are going to be missing a lot of the additional features that you get from a commercial tool if you use Ethereal to view captured packets. But if you are just using it to study for CWAP, I think it does the job fairly well.

  • ...then OmniPeek personal is right for you. It's backed by 16 years of packet analysis development, full-featured, and FREE!

    Download it at and if you like it, make sure you tell your friends! Thanks!

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