• The main feature is the overall user interface. You'll just like using Airopeek and AirMagnet Laptop a whole lot more.

    Since you asked for specifics, here is what I can say off the top of my head:

    AM Laptop:
    -Navigation between channel statistics
    -AP and STA information/statistics reporting is easier to navigate
    -Device finder
    -Site Survey tool
    -Perofrmance tool

    -Packet list navigation is better**
    -Peer map
    -Ease of creating complex filters
    -More statistics reported
    -Better protocol finding and isolation

    **This is the big one. This one separates Airopeek from the pack in my opinion.

    I could probably go on and on and on if I took the time to get in front of all three products. If you really are just worried about cost, go with Airopeek SE ($900). You don't get the peer map or the alarms, but it still does the job very well.

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