• Hi Gene,

    First, I'd like to point out that probe request frames do not kick off protection. It's the association request frame if memory serves...

    I see what you mean about the 24 Mbps rate - that would certainly prevent .11b rates from associating.

    With the linksys in mixed mode, try these scenarios to see if it enables protection:

    1) have a .11b client associate to it the linksys AP
    2) bring up another AP set for support of only .11b rates on the same channel as the linksys AP
    3) bring up a .11g capable AP on the same channel as the linksys and have a .11b client associate to the .11g AP.

    Any of these three are supposed to kick off protection on the linksys.

    I think that if the engineers were thinking as you have supposed, that they should quit their day job and go into a different field. :-) "Normal" environments are mixed .11b/.11g


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