Holy smokes batman! I just got an email about this a few minutes ago. This is OmniPeek (Ethernet and 802.11a/b/g) Personal, and it's free.



  • I just downloaded and installed it. It looks a whole lot like Airopeek, which is a great product! When I show this to my students tomorrow they will be thrilled. Thanks a lot for the link Devin.

  • Excellent!!! I was hoping they would eventually do something like this.

  • a better link to OmniPeek is Make sure you try out the "Google Map Plug-in" at

    The Google Map Plugin displays maps in the capture window showing the locations of the source and destination IP address of the currently selected packet.



  • That is cool. Went to the download link and noticed all the other "plug ins"
    I hope they come out with an all inclusive plug in pack so you get them all installed in one shot if that's what you want.

    Neat stuff though.

    Remember the movie Sneakers with the gui software to track the trace of their phone call to the NSA??? And that was in 1992.

  • Hi,

    I installed the Protocol Analyzer, when i start it , it shuts down my Wadapter and i can not do anything...

    is there anything else i can manage to do ?

  • protocol analyzers put your wireless adapter into RF monitor mode so that they can only listen. for that reason, they cannot also connect to an AP. you'll have to have 2 wireless adapters to be connected AND to sniff. For example, I have an integrated Intel 3945abg card that I use for connectivity and a TrendNet TEW501-PC card that I use for sniffing with OmniPeek


  • I use Orinoco 8480 and it works fine with Omnipeek and most other cracking tools too. It uses Atheros chipset.

  • i installed omnipeek personal, and i cant start to sniff, when i choose new capture and select the adapter a message appears i reached the maximun of in use adapters allowed for this product and i need to upgrade BUT THE UPGRADE IT NOT FREE, and i have only my ethernet and 2 wireless adapter, what can i do to start sniffin ?? :D

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