• Hi guys, Its been a while since the time I have been involved with Wireless related testing, right from Apps(primarily gaming) to CDMA based Terminals. This is one area where a lot needs to be digged into. Although there are various tools available in the market as of today and most of them at least claim to be wizards in the job they are expected to perform.

    The irony remains, you cross the bridge when you come to it. The cost to buy the tool has to be justified with the amount as well as the accuracy of coverage that you get out of it.

    With respect to apps, I did dig a lot and came up with various solutions to automate test suites. But it was a hell lot of an effort.

    Does anyone has any idea to do it lets say on CDMA based terminal.

  • What information is it that you are trying to get from the CDMA based terminals? Are they CDMA2000 running 1xRTT or EvDO for data? Are you just looking for RSSI expressed in dBM or actual PRL and PN info?

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