• Seeing that a new CWSP Study Guide is about to hit the streets, what is estimated timeline if any for a revision of CWAP objectives and an updated edition of the CWAP self study guide?


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    Good question. Stay tuned to this bat channel for an announcement about this subject in late July.

  • Kevin,

    I was planning to take the CWAP in the very near term. Will there be immediate, significant changes between now and late August?



  • I don't know when the main page was updated but I noticed today that the CWAP Study Guide is no longer depicted. Digging a little deeper I see that the CWAP exam will still be available until the end of the year and then retired. A more comprehensive exam toward the CWNE will be offered upon retirement of the CWAP.

    Attaining CWNE requires more than passing the exams (CWAP or CWNE) and, given the requirements, it looks as though I will be attempting the CWAP in the near term and the CWNE exam at a later time.

    I am glad to see that CWNP is phasing in the CWNE without obsoleting CWAP immediately. It looks like a well thought out plan.

    Thanks CWNP

  • I am not sure about all this. But I will wait and see. I am holding off on the CWSP until the book is worked out by others and the errata is defined vs doing it myself like I went through with the CWAP.

    I am dissapointed about the way the CWAP is being retired and only the two year limitation on current triple crown folks get. I mean heck you paid, studied and took the cwap exam and now if you become a CWNE that cwap work is good for only two years for you CWNE???

    You CWNE should be the same regardless if you have the triple crown before 12/31 or not and you take the new exam in the new year.

    Also, this reminds me of Joe Bardwells's NAX certification. The NAX was a certification that came after the CNX and you had to achieve several certification before being quaified for review to be considered an expert. You had to submit a paper etc..

    I went through the webinar and will read up the links to determine if I want to do this before the end of the year.

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    "You CWNE should be the same regardless if you have the triple crown before 12/31 or not and you take the new exam in the new year."

    If you don't hold the "triple crown" before 12/31, then you never will, because the CWAP exam will not be available after 12/31/2006. The reason that folks who earn this triple crown before 12/31 have an expiration date on their CWNE is because the material in CWAP is nearly 3 years old, and the new CWNE exam (PW0-300) covers FAR more material than does the current CWAP.

  • Well it looks good and I just ordered to CWSP to finish up my triple crown so I can hopefully complete the CWNE by years end.. Let the RF begin.

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