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    As I often tell my 4-year-old daughter, that is an excellent question.

    When you meet all the exam-related requirements for CWNE, you can begin your application. If you pass all the exams prior to 1/1/07, then you have until 12/31/2008 to either (a) complete the experiential requirements, or (b) pass the CWNE exam PW0-300 so that you have more time to get the requisite experience. Once you meet all the requirements - exams, experience, references - then your application will be complete.

    I hope this helps.

  • I beleive for the "legacy" triple crown folks who are triple crown status by 12/31/06 and then start their application anytime afterwards should, once the application is "approved" for CWNE status should not have to re-cert again in 08.

    I mean once the clock runs out on 12/31/06 just honor and treat the triple crown folks from that point forward as if they had passed the pw300 in 2007. So, If I have been a triple crown since 05 for example, but other commitments kept me from applying but then in, let's say, by June of 07, my triple crown should still be honored and I should be able to just submit my application. I earned it..

    And after submission there should not be a time limit from the applicaton review process to expire my legacy triple crown status or pw100/200/300 status.

    At least make the triple crown application status last a year or so for a lot of folks did work hard and helped make the cwnp program successful and now may have to scramble to get an application in and or approved within some time limit.

    Just grandfather the triplecrown folks for the application process for a year or so. That seems fair.

    Of course from 1/1/07 all newcomers who only had taken one or two exams have to take the new exam and submit as you have outlined.


  • Will there be a special certificate, plaque, certification number and special access to some place;) if one become CWNE?

  • To clarify what Kevinator said...

    People can only get their TC from now til 12/31/06 because the CWAP exam is being retired on that date. Anyone who has their TC (PW0-100, -200, -205) can apply for CWNE. Nobody that's a TC has to pass PW0-300 in order to get their CWNE ( with expiration date of 12/31/08 ). After 1/1/07, a person must pass PW0-100, -200, and -300 exams in order to apply. Anyone who passes PW0-100, -200, and -300 exams and then passes the application process gets their CWNE for life.

    For further clarification (and to answer your question), once you have your TC and apply, the application won't expire until 12/31/08. So, during that time, you can update your application with further experience, more references, etc toward getting your CWNE application through the system.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thus far, CWNEs will receive a special certificate, ID card, and certification number. The logo/name use rules will be posted to the website shortly. They're very similar to CCIE. Examples of proper use:

    Devin Akin
    CWNE #1

    Devin Akin
    CWNE #000001

    Devin Akin, CWNE No. 000001

    Devin Akin, CWNE #1


    Other things, such as plaques, CWNE paraphernalia, etc is under advisement at the moment. There is unlikely to be a "CWNE Area" of the website because we make all resources (learning center, forum, tracking system, etc) available to everyone.


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    Devin and Kevin,

    It's a huge honor to be approved as CWNE #6!

    Thanks to the entire CWNP Program team! You guys rock!


  • Congratulations Joel! You certainly earned it.


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    Thanks Dev!


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