• If you guys don't know about Elektron Enterprise from Periodik Labs, you really should check it out.

    I have taken the liberty of requesting one free Not For Resale (NFR) license to Elektron Enterprise for CWNTs and CWNEs. They agreed (what an awesome company these guys are!) that this would be a big win for them.

    Please email Pam at and give her the following information:

    CWNP ID number (which you should know by heart)
    Access Code (which is found inside your tracking system login)
    Verification URL:

    Pam will then verify your status as a CWNT or CWNE and give you an appropriate access code. You can download the software for free right from their website, so all you'll need is the code she sends you. Take my word for it - this software is SMOKIN! Good luck finding a better AAA server for wireless.


  • Hi Devin,

    Thats really great news
    The elektron radius server is a very easy to use.

    Hats off to Periodik labs and devin for offering a free license to
    CWNE's and CWNT's.

  • By (Deleted User)

    I would just like to say that the guys at Periodik Labs responded to my email request of their software almost instantly, met me with a warm congratulations, and set me up with the keys required for the software. Cheers!


  • Yes, PeriodikLabs, AirDefense, Wildpackets, Network Chemistry, and so many others are going the extra mile to make sure CWNTs, CWNEs, and others are provided with the tools engineers need to do a great job in today's market. Our hats are off to these guys! They "get it."


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