• AirDefense, the leader in anywhere, anytime wireless protection, in recognition of your experience and dedicated efforts in obtaining the new Premium Certification, Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE) would like to offer all CWNE?¡é?€??s a copy of AirDefense Mobile, our laptop based WLAN analysis tool. To obtain your license and download information simply Email your CWNP ID number, CWNE number if you know it and Access Code to . You will be contacted with any additional instructions. Congratulations on being on the leading edge of wireless networking and certification.

  • Hi Bryan,

    Thats gud news .Which version ofr ADMobile are you Gonna Give.
    Its great that Bryan of AirDefense recognises the Value of CWNE.

    Hats off to you..

  • We are giving our latest version which has just been released. This is a full version not a scaled back demo version. It retails for $1295.00. The offer is good for both Triple Crowners that become CWNE's and for those who become CWNE's after the first of the year when the exam goes live.
    AirDefense understands the knowledge and efforts of those who hold the CWNE. We also have a great respect for the entire CWNP program and wish to show our support for Planet3.

  • Thanks again Bryan for AirDefense's great support of our program. We are passing the word about AirDefense's great products.


  • Wow, I see that everyone who attends a class gets a copy now! I feel kind of gutted though; I took the CWSP class a few years back and have been waiting since then to take the CWAP class. I have been booked on it several times with the great guys from Lever in the UK and each time it has been cancelled due to lack of demand. As far as I have been told, the course has never been run in the UK! And I guess it's not likely to be now :(

  • The Free Mobile offer is not restricted to CWAP. ANY official CWNP class qualifies.

  • Understood. I'll just have to wait to get CWNE is all :)

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