• Hi All,

    i am new to Wireless networking (WLAN). I feel a bit confuse when others talk about QoS Control on Wireless LAN.

    Could you please explain what are they referring to?? And could you please advise me where can i more document on that issue?? I tried with google, but it seems cannot help me.

    Thanks you very much for your time and guidance you may give me.

    Best Regards,



    Please download 802.11e-2005

    This document explains everything you need to know about what happens on the wireless medium regarding QoS.

    The new CWNE exam that's forthcoming on Jan 1, 2007 will cover this in depth.



  • It isn't free, but the IEEE 802.11 Handbook explains the QoS Control field very well. I found it much easier to read than the actual standard document.

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