• When is the best time to have this form filled out & mailed/faxed to CWNP? Do I need to be completed with the "triple crown" before I should have this form filled out, or will someone at CWNP keep my forms on file and wait for my CWNE application?

  • My experience so far is gaining from lab research and deployment include 1 year of project work in research project about wireless network and 1 year working as researcher. I'm also a master with major in networking especially wireless networking for 2 years.
    My question is: Does though experience is enough to be consider valid and fulfill the professional work experience requirement in order to apply for CWNE? ( if I got triple crown before 2007 )

    Thank you

  • The new CWNE application is hopefully just what you were looking for. Please review the new application. You'll find that 2 years experience is acceptable, and yes, 2 years in research is acceptable experience.


  • By (Deleted User)

    Congratz Jennifer on obtaining your CWNE!


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