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    Hii Murali

    Even I was bit confused sometime back with preambles and slot times.

    Simple things to keep in mind that :

    1.Short preamble came in to existance with 802.11b (1,2,5.5,11 mbps)
    so there is any station with 802.11 (1,2 mbps) support then AP will use long preamble.

    2. Short slot time came up with 802.11g/a so if we have any station other than these AP will use long slot time , in b/g mixed mode.

    3.If long preamble is present in b/g mixed mode it means , either you have configured AP for long preamble only or some station is present which cant support short preamble.

    There are different combinations for Preamble (short/long) , slot time (short/long) and ERP element field.

    Hope this helps.

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