These are great new ebooks. They cover MUCH about MUCH. Pay particular attention to the QoS section of the first ebook if you're studying for CWNE.


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    You're welcome.

    Your tagline: "There's nothing you can know that isn't known." is interesting, but I disagree. There's plenty out there you can discover, if you apply yourself and look for things others don't seek. Much of our world is unknown; it's up to the curious to figure out what isn't known and help others understand it. If we don't do that, we're doomed to repeating the past and, ultimately, crafting our self-destruction. So go out there and be curious. Wonder why things work the way they do and seek to understand them... you never know when you might discover something unknown. Just don't forget to tell us about it when you do. :)


  • Hi Joel

    I have changed my tagline as I also believe that there is a lot to find and know that isn't known yet.

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    Cool. I like the new one... tell us what you find! :)


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