• Can a Station(STA) send a Probe Req while it is associated and authenticated to 1 Access Point?

    I mean can do that? while it is connected to the AP but send this frames without disconection?

  • Yes it can. In fact, this is done by design. STA's sent Probe Request frames during inital connection, but also after it is associated. This is active scanning while attempting to roam.

    I always tell my students, imagine a STA is the worst thing to be in a relationship with. It will use you while it can, but is always looking for someone better (listening for beacons and sending Probe Requests on all channels, one channel at a time).

    Hopefully that helps!

  • Thanks!

    but the AP that is associated the STA, can respond a Probe Resp to the associated STA?

    i mena that STA its a client of that AP and this AP will respond to the STA, doest mather they are connected an associated?

  • From what i understand there are 3 conditions governing the transmission of a probe response, in response, to a probe request in the standards

    1. The SSID is the same as the broadcast SSID or the SSID of the STA or AP
    2. The BSSID is the same as the broadcast BSSID or the BSSID of STA or AP
    3. The DA field in the probe request frame is the same as the broadcast address or the MAC address of the particular STA or AP.

    Given this, i would surmise that the AP or STA (IBSS, last to transmit beacon) that the STA was associated to would respond.

    I wonder what different ways, if it were of value, that this could be prevented from happening, if it does.


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