• Hi,
    Could someone be so kind as to elaborate a little more on the function and operation of this (i have ideas but would like to know for sure).

    In the CWAP guide it mentions that it is used to determine if transmit frequencies and symbol clocks are dervied from the same oscillator.

    I want to get a clearer understanding of how the terms transmit frequencies, symbol clocks and oscillator tie together in the wireless function. The oscillator isnt mentioned too much in this literature.

    any help is appreciated,--- even if its just a link or a reference to a book


  • Hi Rico,

    The link above gives you an abstract of why using the same oscillator for transmitting frequencies and symbol clocks, in wlan engines.

    This subject alone is purely engineering-electronics and digital communications in wlan world. And there are tons and tons of information all over the internet about these subjects.

    CWAP exam will test our intellegence on wlan protocols and its realted standards and but not on these engineering subjects.

    I'll dig out more information about this subject for you sooner.

    Smith Joseph.
    Toronto, Canada.

  • Smith Joseph,

    You have given me some valuable information and helped me get some perspective. From my past experiences i have come to see the source of everything is physical and all of the upper level protocols and applications are derivative of this. Realizing this has helped me understand and solve many problems both directly and indirectly.
    Thanks for helping me see the connective thread between these protocols and the physical, in the WLAN space, a little clearer.


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