• I just got back from taking the CWAP test for the 2nd time!! I finally passed though, with almost no time to spare. I am stoked!!! I think this was the best exam I have taken so far material wise. I actually enjoyed going through the packet analysis, and screenshots. It was to the point and the objectives were in-line with everything stated by Planet3. I have to give credit where it is due I used the Management Frame PDF from GTHill. I looked at that thing so many times I had nightmares about it. Also to Ben Miller, I took his CWSP course back at the first of the year and we did alot of protocol analysis then and that served as a great test bed for me. Lastly, I used the CWAP Study Guide and printed the practice test out so I could take them with me when traveling. I initially took the test back in October and failed. That served as motivation though to get me through the studying the past few months.

    Lastly does anyone know when I should get the confirmation e-mail? I would have thought I would have gotten it and my profile would have been updated but it hasn't been.

    Merry Christmas to all!!! CWNE here I come :)

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    Hey Boomer1, way to go. Well done, and congratulations. Thanks for sharing how you prepped.

    You should get your congrats email the Monday following the week you took your exam, so if you just took it today, you'll get something next week, post-Christmas.

  • Congratulations Boomer1! Nice work!


  • Thanks a lot for the kind words. That study sheet will give you headaches. I'm glad it helped!

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