• So I'm some 80 pages into the 802.11 handbook. I am finding it to be a very difficult read. There are acronyms and standards which are sometimes explained pages or chapters later. It hard to retain information when I haven't the foggiest what that section of a particular frame relates to yet.

    I actually liked reading the CWNA and CWSP study guides. From a quick scan of the CWAP book, it seems to cover a lot of the same material as the 802.11 handbook and it is an easier read.

    I guess what I am asking any CWNEs reading is what studying did you do to gain enough knowledge for the test? Maybe not even just for the test, but to just understand the standard a little easier than that book.

    Self study has been very discouraging. I found studying for the CWNA and CWSP tests were much easier with how well written those study guides were. Instructor lead training is out of the question as far as cost goes.


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