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    I am looking for a software spectrum analyzer to replace my current Cognio Spectrum Expert.
    Finding interfering devices is the highest priority.
    Can anyone recommend a good tool to replace Spectrum Expert?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Fluke has one that works on a laptop:

    There is also the USB one from WiSpy, but I think it is limited to 2.4gHz:

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    Hi NovellRed:

    Cognio is the base for most high level enterprise software PC card, spectrum analyzers:

    Most of the other vendors OEM Cognio's device.

    WiSpy works only at 2.4 GHz , but does a pretty good job for the low price point.

    I haven't tried these devices but both look quite similiar to what others are doing for spectrum analysis:

    Hope this helps.

  • Agreed. AnalyzeAir is simply a re-branded Cognio Spectrum Expert. Just as AirMagnet and Wildpackets rebranded it. Cognio was recently acquired by Cisco, if you weren't already aware.

    By the way, why would you want to replace your Cognio card?

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    Thanks for the input folks. I have looked over some of the other things out there and now I have some answers for my boss.
    Cognio maintenance is running out soon, and wanted some alternatives before forking over the bucks for another year of support.

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