• Hello All,

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive review of wireless protocol anaylzers (commercial / freeware) ?

    Alternatively - can anyone give some recommendations ?

    I'm looking to understand all of the wireless events that occur when a client interacts with an AP.




  • When I studied for my CWNE test I used Wildpackets personal edition, you can find with a search, and a 3com adapter. I used the wildpackets driver for the adapter instead of the vendor drivers. For an everyday Business class tool there are many choices such as Omnipeek, Fluke, AirMagnet or Ekahua. There are more tools available also such as WireShark(free) with the AirPcap wireless adapter from Cace Technologies(cheap).


  • Hello Julian,

    I would recommend Airmagnet's wifi analyzer.
    This isn't cheep but this will give you all the packets that your workstation and AP are sending.
    If there are issues: unable to login there is a section Active tools that will give you the signal coverage. if the signal is good >-70 Dbm then you can check the workstation login process to see where it is failing.

    Hope that helps

  • For learning at home, Omnipeek Personal.

    For something commercially licensed I recommend Omnipeek (non personal).

    Some will recommend Air Magnet and I don't recommend against it, however, here is an analogy for you. Air Magnet Analyzer is like a Swiss Army Knife. It does a lot of thing pretty well.

    Omnipeek is like a really nice knife. More precise and easier to use, but doesn't have as many features. For packet analysis, I think that Omnipeek is better hands-down.


  • Thank you for your observations, Mr. Hill. Cogent as always. From what I can determine, Omnipeek Personal is no longer available and Omnipeek Basic is our only option for entry level WildPackets software. Is that correct? Does anyone have any info on this?


  • Omnipeek Personal is not available for download from Wildpackets, but may be available for download if you search hard enough.

    I'm not sure if it is legal for me to distribute it at all. Any input on that from anyone?


    P.S. Try this link.

  • I installed OmniPeek Personal, goofed around with it for a while and liked it, so installed the Enterprise version with VoIP features (which automatically uninstalled it).

    PM me with your email address, and I can show you some resources online that might point you in the right direction.

  • Does anyone use OmniPeek Personal with Windows Vista?
    Does it work?


  • sacim Escribi?3:

    Does anyone use OmniPeek Personal with Windows Vista?
    Does it work?


    Yes, Omnipeek personal works with Windows Vista.

    I'm using Vista x64 Ultimate SP1.

  • I use and recommend OmniPeek, Personal or non-Personal based upon intended use. It decodes well and is easy to read.

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